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Why Traval in Nepal-FAQs Trekking

Welcome to Nepal, the land of Himalaya, the Mt. Everest (8850m), the tallest on the Earth, birth place of lord Buddha, living goddess Kumari and home of 30 millions Nepalese with its multi-ethnic, multiracial, multi religious and multilingual society of 103 ethnic group speaking more than 60 different dialects.
This tiny Himalayan country sandwiched in between two Asian giants India and China that attracts millions of Nature loving and Pilgrims tourist every year.
Since ancient time, Nepal was the centre point for the pilgrims of Hindu and Buddhist believers. The Great Saint Manjushree Bodhisattva, which the legend says, has created the Kathmandu valley with its magic sword or lord Krishna who came to settle in the valley with Gwalas in Dwapara Yuga.
Each year, Nepal welcomes millions of devotees and believers of Hindu Mythology from Indian sub continent to flocks of Tibetan monks and Nuns from Tibet autonomous regions of China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar for their pilgrimage tour to Lumbini the Birthplace of Lord Buddha.
Until 1950, Nepal was a forbidden kingdom and closed its territory to explore and visit by outsiders. It opened its frontier to the rest of the world in late sixties after the establishment of its first and historic democratic government in the country. The ascension to Mt. Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa in 1953 let the Nepal an exposure to the rest of the world.
Nepal is a country of diversity. From tropical forests to eight of the fourteen highest mountains on earth, from the Royal Bengal tiger to the one-horned rhino, from lush pine forests to rain shadowed valleys, this country is a treasure-chest filled with amazing natural gifts. Even this incredible landscape pales in comparison to the wonderful warmth and generosity of different ethnic dwelling in this kingdom. Among many religions, the majority are Hindus and Buddhists. The population of Nepal is approximately 20 million people and it stretches in 147,181 square meters.
About seventy percent of the countrys northern land is mountainous or hilly. In the southern plains are the Tharu people with their distinctive culture. Rice fields, planted terraces, cities filled with religious monuments, forests of rhododendrons, rocky plains, and ultimately, the snow covered Himalaya - a visit to Nepal is an altogether unforgettable experience. There are few places as strange and beautiful and few people as friendly as the people of Nepal.
Often as we walk from one valley to the next we enter a new cultural region where the people, their homes and way of life are very different. Those who live on the flat plains and lower valleys are mainly Hindus. At higher altitudes the people are predominantly Buddhist and among those the land of world famous Sherpa.
From a gentle introductory walks in the foothills to the more strenuous classic treks and even the ascent of a Himalayan Peak, you are bound to get an experience of a lifetime. The haunting beauty of the Himalaya and the friendliness of Nepalese people are guaranteed to create a lasting impression on all who visit this wonderful country, leaving most with a longing to return. For a Himalayan adventure we believe Nepal to be unbeatable and our commitment and expertise gained over many years will ensure that your adventure is the best it can be.
American and European enthusiasts flocked to Nepal as tourist to experience the last Shangri-la on Earth as well as to explore the forbidden kingdom, expedition to mighty Himalayas, trekking in the beautifully terraced and cultivated mountains, rafting in the gorgeous Himalayan virgin rivers, explore the green and dense forests and its natural parks of fertile lowland of Terais with numerous rare wild animals (Royal Bengal tiger), legendary brave Gurkha soldiers and its mysterious Himalayan Yeti man.
Today, with the advancement of new technology and modernization, Nepal is within the reach of few hours of comfortable fly where you can enjoy your holiday exploring world-renowned natural and culturally important heritages sites that are enlisted as UNESCO world heritage sites.
The Lumbini, birth place of lord Buddha, Pashupatinatha temple, the holiest shrine of the Hindu devotees of the world, Baudhanatha and Showyambhunatha stupas are considered as the holiest and biggest site of Mahayana Buddhism of the world.
The natural parks of Chitwan and Bardia with full of flora & fauna, rafting in the gorgeous Himalayan white waters, paragliding & Ultra light Aircraft fly in the lap of snowy white mountains, trekking on the slopes of Himalayan valleys inhabited by millions of different ethnic groups having their own distinct tradition and culture, covered with the flower of Rhododendrons, rare species of Orchids and snowy glacier of the Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang valley region are internationally renowned grand classics and for those lover of wild, exotic and camping trekking, remote areas such as Dolpa, Jumla, Manaslu, Tsum Valley and Kanchenjungha areas are known as the virgin and least explored regions of Nepal which requires special permits that attracts millions of tourist around the globe every year.
I am, on the behalf of my company and the entire team would like to welcome you to Nepal once again with many greetings.
Wishing you the very nice holiday trip to Nepal.
Thank you / Dhanyabad

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